• A Combative Training Mindset

    A Combative Training Mindset

    Born of combat, the MDW training methodology provides an environment and a framework to effectively navigate the chaos of combat. Our framework enables MDW Instructors, Trainers and Students to understand the dimensions that are required to survive, engage and dictate general and specific challenges we may face in combat. The MDW methodology and framework provides context through a working matrix to bring together the key influences relevant to general and specific challenges in combat. We pride ourselves as solution finders in an ever-evolving chaotic environment.
  • MDW’s relationship to other combat systems

    MDW’s relationship to other combat systems

    Good combat skills are universal, some skills are timeless, many are revamped from existing ideas, lost skills are rediscovered or re-developed because of modern challenges, mandates and technology. In name MDW may be relatively young as branded system but it has grown out of the experiences of dynamic warrior minded people who with a life time of martial arts, combat training and field experience combined with studies in fields such as psychology, sport sciences, criminology….. We have developed a frame work and problem solving methodology for ever evolving challenges. MDW attracts Instructors and practitioners (many leaders in their field of expertise) from a broad range of martial arts and combat instruction systems that have selected the MDW methodology of problem solving and skill transfer methods to compliment and grow their existing skills. MDW is easily expressed through blade skills but our methodology encompasses empty hand, stick, firearm and alternative/improvised skill sets.
  • Master Navigators of Chaos

    Master Navigators of Chaos

    Warriors “die in the gaps”, which means that your training should be based on defending yourself against realistic attacks by armed or unarmed attackers in real-time, not only for when things are going your way but also for when they go wrong.Your value and belief systems need to be in place; in other words, you must know what you are prepared to do to defend yourself, when you are prepared to take these actions and also understand the consequences of your actions and or inaction- both morally and legally. We pride ourselves as solution finders in an ever evolving chaotic environment. These are the elements and tools that we harness to become Master Navigators of Chaos.
  • A MDW global presence

    A MDW global presence

    Current Trainers and Instructors 19, Permanent presence in 8 countries, MDW has presented training and workshop in 14 different countries over the last 3 years.
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Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn't even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.

Heraclitus 600BC

MDW International

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  • Battle Box
  • Highlighting Thailand Camp 2017
  • MDW Progress Booklet
Battle Box is a specialized MDW attributes program focusing on empty hand striking and countering striking attributes.
MDW Battle Box utilises structural management and timing common to boxing arts and integrating low line kicks.
The battle box program is also well suited for those that would simply work on fitness with a combat focus. Men, women and teenagers will all get shape while adding striking skills to their workout.
As an attributes program, it is ideal for MDW core skills members to
MDW Progress Booklet - Official Launch March 2017