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Safety Traning

A constructive approach to training

“A Responsible Warrior Mind”

We explore and guide students through their value and belief systems that need to be in place to act sensibly when faced with challenges to their safety. “You need to know what you are prepared to do to defend yourself, when you are prepared to take these actions and also understand the consequences of your actions and or inaction.”

“Strife Eager Battle Glad. “

To be prepared for these challenges requires a constructive approach to training balancing hard work, relevant skills and aspects of safety in a challenging training environment.

Warriors “die in the gaps”,Fighting

MDW Training focuses on facing attackers in real-time, not only when things are going according to plan but also for when they go wrong.

Mission Statement

Born of combat- Master Navigators of Chaos

The MDW training methodology provides a framework to effectively navigate the chaos of combat.

The framework enables Trainers and Students to understand context of challenges and implement what is required to survive, engage and dictate challenges we face in combat. We pride ourselves as solution finders in an ever-evolving chaotic environment.


MDW’s relationship to other combat systems

Good combat skills are universal,” some are timeless, many are revamped from existing ideas, lost skills are rediscovered or re-developed because of modern challenges, mandates and technology. The MDW methodology and training framework has grown and developed out of the experiences of dynamic warrior minded people who with a life time of martial arts, combat training and field experience combined with studies in fields such as psychology, sport sciences, criminology….. We have developed a frame work and problem solving methodology for ever evolving challenges.

MDW attracts Instructors and practitioners (many leaders in their field of expertise) from a broad range of martial arts and and or firearm related backgrounds that have selected the MDW methodology of problem solving and skill transfer methods to compliment and grow their existing skills.

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Born of combat- Master Navigators of Chaos