training camps

Training Camps

Join us on our MDW International Camps

Our one day and weekend workshops provide excellent training opportunities but Joining us for a week-long focus camp is both a training experience and adventure. 

Each year we run our Australasia (Thailand Camp) fondly known as the MDW ZOO Camp.

In 2019 we are back in Chaing Rai Northern Thailand

Training sessions are intense, tasked focused and run each day from 09h30-14h00. This year our theme is empty hand skills that support our blade skills and empty hand vs edged weapons.  At the end of each days training there is time to relax around the pool or go take in the incredible local sights.

Course participants that complete the camp earn their MDW Animal Name that resembles their character and fighting style (all fun but everyone that has a name will tell they are proud of their ZOO Name.  To Join us click here for details

South African International Camps

Join us for a week-long shooting and combative adventure in Cape Town South Africa.  Depending on the group MDW will structure a course focused on shooting skills balanced with empty hand and edged weapons work.  Shooting range days are full days with lunch on the range and at least one South African Braai on one of the evenings under the South African Sky. Our South African Adventure Camp is Scheduled for November this year. To Join us click here for details

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Find out more about our Rusty Gunman Course.

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MDW Friends & Associations

MDW Friends and Associations

MDW is proud to have many healthy mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded organisations in the same or related fields. Please visit their sights and check out what they have to offer. (Click on the logo to be directed to their sites)





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