Workshops & Training

Workshops & Training Programs

Combative Workshops/Blade Stick Empty Hand

MDW focus workshops concentrate on specific tactical challenges, recognition skills, understanding and developing attributes to effectively deal with these challenges.
MDW Focus workshops range from a half day to a full two days training.
To join us on any of our MDW Focus workshops keep a lookout on our upcoming events (Facebook and upcoming events listing) or if you would like to host an MDW Focus workshop and get a group of 8-20 people together and make a booking for your club or organisation.

  • Our Popular Blade Focus workshops include
  • Introduction to understanding edged weapons
  • Blade Access under attack
  • Blade Skills anti-grappling and surviving on the ground
  • Blade Holdups
  • Dealing with multiple attackers
  • Empty hand vs Edged Weapons Survival

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Rusty Gunman/Firearms Focused Workshops

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Host a workshop

Host a MDW Workshop/Seminar

Book one of our MDW Instructors or trainers to present a workshop or seminar at your range or club.

You can run this just to bring new skills and excitement to your club or if you choose you can make a profit from workshop or seminar proceeds.

We understand that hosting and event takes time and effort so do every effort to assist in making the process as easy and cost effective as possible.

Click here to down load the Host and MDW Workshop/Seminar form

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Classes with an MDW trainer or Instructor

Regular MDW classes are run by MDW trainers or instructors. For continuous improvement and maintenance of your combative skill set join an MDW for weekly of private lessons.

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MDW Friends & Associations

MDW Friends and Associations

MDW is proud to have many healthy mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded organisations in the same or related fields. Please visit their sights and check out what they have to offer. (Click on the logo to be directed to their sites)





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